We have been working with planners and engineers to create a proposal for building a dam.

As you can see from the image below, the lake will be located in the centre of property and will transform it in many ways.

This heart-shaped  body of water introduced into the heart of the land will nourish the land and nurture its inhabitants.



The dam will collect water from two water lines and a large area of hillside. This hillside is very eroded with very poor soil and sparse vegetation. The dam will retain the water in this area and stop it all running off further down the valley. Over time, this will help create a more moist environment in this area and will accelerate the regeneration of these slopes and allow for planting of more trees.

The design for the lake includes a circulation system with a solar pump. When the sun shines, water will be pumped to a pond higher up the slope, from where it can run back down the slope to the lake as a small stream, oxygenating the water and helping to keep it clean. We will also be planting specific native water-loving plants around the lake edges which will also help clean the water with their root systems.

The lake will provide us with a large area to capture rainwater in the winter that we can use for irrigation in the summer, enabling us to increase our production of fruit and vegetables in the valley below. During dry years we will not need to fear if the wells run dry.

It will also provide a habitat for aquatic plants and animals, and provide a source of drinking water for birds and animals, increasing the biodiversity of the area.

The increase in humidity created by the lake and the vegetation planted around it, will take the edge of the heat and dryness of the long summers, and so reduce the risk of fire. The lake will also provide a supply of water for combating fire.

Last but not least, the dam will provide us with a place for swimming and recreation in the hot summers, and and will increase the beauty of the land for our sensory enjoyment.

UPDATE (September 2015)

It has been a very dry summer. Our drinking water well was very low, and we have been on a very low water usage policy since the end of July. There were several fires in the area over the summer. Water security has become our number one priority.

We have been unable to go ahead and build the dam this year due to the planning approval taking a really long time, and lack of funds. So our priority for the coming year is to raise funds for a complete water retention project that we can build in Autumn 2016.

We now plan to build two dams, the one in the picture above, and another one below it on the main water line, which has a much bigger catchment area. We will also build a large water storage tank at the top of the property. We will use solar pumps to pump water from the bottom lake to the upper lake and then up to the water tank. With this system we will be able to capture much more of the winter rains, and will have an abundance of water for all our needs over the summer.

From the top water tank we will be able to irrigate anywhere on the land, allowing for a much higher survival rate for planted saplings, and so accelerating our forest regeneration plans. We will also implement a network of fire hoses and sprinklers to offer potentially life-saving protection in the event of a fire.